free status pages.

PageFate is a tool to create free, branded public status pages for incident communication.

Create a free status page

Reduce support costs

No matter if it's a server issue, bug or DDoS – stop the flood of support emails by letting your customers view current incidents and receiving updates on their own.

Win customer trust

Customers value transparency – especially when it comes to communicating real-time incidents and scheduled mainenance. Let them opt-in to get notified – they will thank you for it.

Showcase excellence

Show off your availability. Turn your uptime into a signal for excellence and let your incident management be an example of great internal & external communication.

PageFate is a free status page and incident management tool for your APIs, services or company. PageFate is multi user friendly and comes with two factor authentication via Google or Github for added security. It's a powerful, managed, heads-free alternative to and